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I still own approximately 20 Disney VHS tapes. There is a certain type of nostalgia that they hold and I just can't seem to part with them. When I pop one into the VCR after rewinding it, (things kids today will never understand) and the previews start to play, I become an 8 year old little girl again sitting on the living room floor on a Saturday while mom is in the kitchen cooking spaghetti. My little brother would be near by playing with his toys or riding his bike in the front yard because he could never sit through a whole movie. I can remember how at that time in life things seemed to move slower. I didn't have anything to worry about. Weekends seemed to last an eternity.

As I have grown up, those Disney VHS tapes have always had the same effect on me no matter what age or even where I am watching them. They have become a sense of constance in my life. It's different than if I would watch the same movie on DVD or Netflix. VHS tapes have the cheesy 90's previews about the kids finding out his parents are taking him to Disney world and the low quality picture with static and lines through the screen that have the magic in it. They also have previews of other Disney movies and announce that they will be, "Coming June of 1998."

Watching these VHS tapes mean a lot to me and it is something I will always love to experience, but even greater than these movies has been another constant in my life.

Jesus Christ. When I look back at myself watching a Disney movie at the age of 8, I can also see the hand of God working. I can see him giving me courage to befriend the outcast kid at school, I can see him teaching me patience to wait for mom to finish cooking, and I can see him teaching me love to show to my little brother. The Lord has been there through each and ever moment in my life.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever." Hebrews 13:8

This is my favorite quality about the Lord. He has never changed and He never will. He is perfection and knows everything. He has had my best interest in mind every. single. time. He is my greatest constant. When I moved to Tennessee not knowing anyone, I knew that The Lord was coming with me. And it was the same, familiar Lord I have always known. The one who knows me in and out and sees my life 10 years from now. I didn't have to start a new relationship with him because I moved to a new place. It really truly is the ultimate friendship except it's so much more. Knowing Him means you will never be alone or unknown. I am so grateful to be able to have a relationship with Jesus. He will never leave me behind, betray me, or hurt me. I know this because He is constant.



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