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Lord, Don't Come Back Yet

I have said this many times in the past, "Lord, come quickly." Wanting Jesus to return to Earth right now because things are so bad. But this is the wrong way to look at it.

If we believe that Heaven is real then we have to believe that Hell is also real. And that anyone who does not have a relationship with Christ is going there. For eternity. Billions of people in our lives and on this planet are destined for an eternity in Hell if Jesus came back right now. God willing, He will hold off on coming back because more people need to hear the great news of the gospel.

If we are overwhelmed by the things going on in our world right now such as abortion (at ANY stage), how the human race has actually come up with more than 2 genders, and even just how mean and angry everyone seems to be all the time, then as christians there is only one solution.

We have to show love. We have to pray that God gives us compassion for people hard to love. We HAVE to get out of our comfortable church circles and Go. Share. The. Gospel. How else will anyone hear?

Today it's also not enough to just share the Gospel anymore. I think in the past simply telling the incredible story of how Jesus saved us to a crowd would have resulted in lives being saved. And that very well could and can still work today. But from what I am seeing in America, people won't listen to you unless you have some sort voice in their life. The reality is that many have been hurt deeply by the church and have in result tuned out what the church has to say. If we christians want to break through these hurts, we have to show genuine love. We have to listen to them, show up for them, walk through life with them. This is how people will see Christ in us.

Is it uncomfortable? Maybe yes for a little while. But then I bet you will see your heart start to break for that person. And the more you love them with the love of Christ you will want more than anything for them to experience that love, too.

So, Lord Jesus, please don't come back soon.

We have some love and good news to share.

*If you are confused about what I'm talking about when I say Jesus is coming back, I would love to share it with you. Message me and we can connect!



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