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The Story


My name is Coleen, and I'm the creator of Lucy Lieu Company! I was born and raised in South Louisiana and moved to the great city of Knoxville, TN in May 2018. I love Jesus, the color green, gardening, cooking, singing in the car, and meeting new people.
Ever since I was a kid I've been chasing different dreams and creating all sorts of things. I'm always trying new DIYs and learning new skills. Two things that I've always loved and keep coming back to are plants and jewelry. So when I discovered how to combine the two, I knew I found the perfect match! My favorite part about making botanical jewelry is the opportunity to wear real pieces of nature as accessories to your favorite outfit.


When I started this business, I wanted the name I chose to have personal meaning for me. My mom and I have always shared a passion for jewelry, so I loved the idea of including her somehow in the name of my business. When I was a kid, my mom gave me the nickname Lucy and has called me that ever since. Using Lucy in the name gave me the opportunity to share this with my mom. The word Lieu means "instead of." This word is a reminder to me to choose Christ in lieu of the world, faith in lieu of fear, and love in lieu of judgment. My desire for Lucy Lieu Company is to spread love and light to others on this planet, two things we can never have enough of.

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