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2019, I'm ready for you

Happy New Year!

I love New Years. It may be one of my favorite holidays. Something about all the hope of a better year, the sigh of relief about a year coming to a close, and the little ambitious spark that is ignited in the hearts of many. People around the world reflecting of their past and thinking of ways they can better themselves in the new year. I love it so much.

As I read through my second "good things jar" this new years day, I once again saw all that God has done throughout 2018. Here are a few of my favorites from the jar:

January- Launched this website

January- Started walking without crutches, still in the boot.

February- Heard the Lord call me to Tennessee

March- Spoke at a kids conference, shared the gospel with 72 fourth and fifth graders

March- Ate crawfish 3 days in a row

April- Bought a new car

April- Had my last check-up with foot doctor

April- Visited Waco, TX and the Silos with friends

May- Moved to Knoxville, TN

May- Went to a life group at Shoreline church and found friends

September- Launched a co-ed singles life group

October- Surprised mom and dad at Cruising the Coast

October- Made the full one-year recovery from foot surgery

December- My family hosted my Tennessee friends at my house for a gumbo dinner

December- Went to Dollywood with Mom, Dad, and Shawn

What a year. Besides just this list there has been lots of growth, tears, laughs, trusting God, facing fears, and stepping out of the comfort zone.

We now have 365 opportunities in front of us. What will you do with them?

Here is my 2019 resolution list:

1- Travel to a new place

2- Read 19 books

3- Pay off credit card debt

4- Share the gospel with at least 4 people

5- Finish reading the Old Testament

I know for certain that it will be a great year. Why? Because God is still good. He is still faithful. And He will use you in incredible ways if you are willing to let Him. Let's make it a good one.


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